Food For Life plant-based nutrition & cooking classes are available in Columbus & surrounding areas. I am portable, so if you live elsewhere, contact me, and I’ll see if I can come to you.

(each class is 2 hours; cooking classes include 3 recipes per class)

  • Kickstart Your Health: our most popular series for overall general health & weight management (5-7 week cooking/nutrition class series)
  • Diet for Diabetes: single cooking/nutrition class, 4-week or 8-week series, or 1/2-day workshop.
  • Cancer Prevention & Survival: single cooking/nutrition class, 4-week or 8-week, or 1/2-day workshop
  • Heart Health: single class
  • Employee Wellness Program* – includes all of the above (4-9 week Lunch & Learn series)
  • Diet & Dementia: single cooking/nutrition class based on Dr. Barnard’s book Power Foods for the Brain on avoiding Alzheimer’s.
  • Food Over Medicine: 4 weeks
  • Women’s Health: 4 weeks
  • Beyond The Basics: single cooking class for those who have already taken another series.

*Employee Wellness Program classes are 60-90 minutes during lunch.

Food For Life is an award-winning program developed by the physicians, dietitians and nutritionists at The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM.org). All information presented is evidence-based fact and not anyone’s opinion.



 I’ll come to you! Please contact me.

food is medicine
Food is the #1 cause of disease, disability, and death in the U.S., yet nutrition is not taught in most medical schools.
Join us to learn the facts about food, our healthcare system, and how we can all benefit from the Power of Plants.

Note: contact Beth to schedule this presentation in your area.



COMING NEXT… at Portia’s Cafe in Columbus, OH: all events are 5-7pm

Mark your calendars and SAVE these SUNDAY dates:


26th: documentary “VAXXED” about vaccines
RSVP here: YES! I’m coming to see this film!



March 5th: Food For Life cooking class: Digestive Health
$20 for the first 10 who register by March 1st; else $30 per person



March 19th: documentary “EATING” by Mike Anderson


2nd: Food For Life cooking class: Healthy Heart / Healthy Blood Pressure
16th (Easter): documentary: PEACEABLE KINGDOM
7th: Food For Life cooking class: Cancer Prevention / Survival 
21st: documentary: HEALING CANCER FROM THE INSIDE OUT (2 hrs) by Mike Anderson
4th: Diet & Dementia / Avoiding Alzheimer’s
11th: documentary: EATING YOU ALIVE

Don’t see a class in your area? Food For Life classes can come to you!
I can fly or drive nearly anywhere, so JUST ASK, and I may be able to accommodate you elsewhere.

 Let’s talk.

To find Food For Life classes nationwide, click here.