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 Comfortably Unaware  Diet-for-a-New-America-book  Disease-Proof-Your-Child  engine 2  Dr-Neal-Barnards-Reversing-Diabetes
 my-beef-with-meat  food-choice-sustainability  Happy Herbivore Light Lean  everyday-happy-herbivore  Food Revolution
 Skinny Bitch  Pleasure-Trap  Ten-Billion  Radical-Remission  prevent and reverse-heart-disease
 Thrive  the-cancer-survivors-guide  Skinny-Bitch-Book-of-Vegan-Swaps  Whole  The-Starch-Solution
 No More Bull  Whitewash  prevent-heart-disease-cookbook  Protein-aholic  the-great-prostate-hoax
 How Not To Die  Food Over Medicine  circles-of-compassion


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 Food-Matters  The-Beautiful-Truth  Earthlings-Make-the-Connections  dairy-dairy quite contrary
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Nutrition Update for Physicians on Plant-Based Diets

A Conversation on the Future of Medicine – Integrating Lifestyle Medicine

 Liquid Hope

Organic, whole-food, plant-based liquid meal replacement for oral or tube feeding use. No dairy, no corn, no soy, just the good stuff! Functional Formularies

Documentary Film Links

2012: Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

2013: More Than An Apple a Day; Preventing Our Most Common Diseases

2014: From Table to Able; Combating Disabling Diseases with Food